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Dominion Energy SC Donation Will Help Build a Home for the Calhoun Falls Farmers’ Market

Will Ferreira – wferrei@clemson.edu

Melissa Billey – melissa.a.billey@gmail.com

January 15, 2020


CALHOUN FALLS — December 17, 2019, was a wonderful day for Calhoun Falls. The Calhoun Falls Farmers’ Market will soon have a permanent home after a major contribution from the Dominion Energy South Carolina.

Dominion Energy SC officials presented a $25,000 check to Calhoun Falls Mayor Chris Cowan in a ceremony last month. The donation will help the town reach its $75,000 goal for a new pavilion that will permanently house the market. The market currently resides on Cox Avenue in the town’s downtown.

“Thank you, this is very much appreciated,” Mayor Chris Cowan told the check’s presenter Scott Neely, Dominion Energy SC Manager, Economic Development & Local Government

The Freshwater Coast Center for Rural Development (FCCRD) partners with towns in the region to start local farmers’ markets. Calhoun Falls residents, who do not currently have a local grocery store, can buy fresh produce at the market during summer months.

“This is a huge benefit for the Calhoun Falls residents and the local farmers,” FCCRD Director Wilder Ferreira said. “A permanent structure is necessary for providing a shelter to the local farmers while selling their produce and giving better accommodation to patrons as they purchase locally-grown food.”

Ferreira is counting on donations to give the homeless farmers’ market a permanent residence. Dominion Energy’s donation will help this dream become a reality.

Freshwater Coast Community Foundation Chairman Brad Evans said, “this fits into the foundation with community development and economic development, and we appreciate everything Dominion Energy SC is doing.”

Dominion Energy merged with SCANA Corporation in January 2019. Through its Dominion Energy Charitable Foundation, as well as EnergyShare and other programs, Dominion Energy contributed nearly $48 million in 2019 to community causes throughout its footprint and beyond.

Please, contact Dominion Energy for any related inquiry at matthew.long@dominionenergy.com. For more information about the Calhoun Falls Farmers’ Market and the great foods that they are growing, please visit their Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/CFfarmermarket/.

CUTLINE:  Scott Neely, Economic Development and Local Government Manager for Dominion Energy, presented a check to Stephen Pettigrew in the amount of $25,000 for the Calhoun Falls Farmers’ Market. Pictured left to right:  Faye Crocker, CEO HopeSouth Credit Union; Robert Hester, WCTEL Board Member; Stephen Pettigrew, Pettigrew Hardware & Supply; Scott Neely, Economic Development and Local Government Manager, Dominion Energy; Chris Cowan, Town of Calhoun Falls Mayor. December 17, 2019.


Calhoun Falls: Our Children, Our Future

Melissa Billey, Project Manager – melissa.a.billey@gmail.com

July 16, 2018

CALHOUN FALLS — A meeting was held today, July 12, 2018, by Wilder Ferreira in Calhoun Falls to brainstorm with residents regarding the youth of Calhoun Falls. The question on the table, “What is the most important item that we can help these children with?” Officer Kesler responded first with education. Physical activity and healthy snacks were another response that was received from the Calhoun Falls residents. Afterschool activities such as homework tutoring, Beta Clubs, Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) organizations, youth sports, healthy snacks; these all became the topics of the discussion.

These children need a good education in order to further their future to have good jobs, receive trade skills training, go on to higher education, and be able to give back to their community. Education is so important for each and every student. Another item that was discussed was healthy lifestyles. By becoming active in sports in afterschool programs, it gives these children a chance to utilize the energy that has been stored up all day during school. They then have a place to further personal fitness and lifetime fitness, something that everyone can benefit from now and in the future. These physical activities not only benefit these students during their adolescent years but benefit them into adulthood because they have started a healthy habit that they will continue. As the discussion continued, healthy snacks during the afterschool programs was brought up. Again, this is something that will not only benefit these children now, but it teaches them what they should eat to help their bodies be healthy.

It was evident during the meeting about how much these residents care and want to give these children, their children and grandchildren, a good educational and healthy start in life. They realize the importance of helping the children in Calhoun Falls in attaining a good education and healthy lifestyle.

Meeting in Calhoun Falls on July 12, 2018 regarding opportunities for youth in the Calhoun Falls area.

Let’s Talk About It: Business is Booming

From your hardware to your bank account, the Freshwater Coast’s local businesses have you covered for life – literally. Harris Funeral Homes, the First Bank of Abbeville, Stoll Fireplace, and Pettigrew Hardware are just some of the businesses in our community that serve every need, from a warm cozy fireplace to the death of a loved one.

Stephen Pettigrew at home behind at the counter at Pettigrew Hardware in Calhoun Falls.

Stephen Pettigrew at home behind at the counter at Pettigrew Hardware in Calhoun Falls.

Stephen Pettigrew is the owner of Pettigrew Hardware and Supply in Calhoun Falls, South Carolina. Pettigrew Hardware celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, and Stephen could not be more proud. Stephen is a native of Calhoun Falls and now lives in Clemson, South Carolina. Although Stephen travels 50 miles to work every day, the distance does not stop him from knowing just about every face that passes through Calhoun Falls. A face seldom passes through the town without a quick “hello, good to see you again” from Stephen. His parents began Pettigrew Hardware and passed it on down to Stephen who now works with his own son. Stephen says that the best part about working in this store is that “It’s not routine,” and that he has the best customers. As far as the progress of the store, “We’ve kind of evolved as situations have changed,” Stephen stated. He said that one of his favorite aspects of running the shop is that it is a family association. “You know everybody and feel comfortable around them,” Pettigrew said regarding his community and customers. Such loyalty is appreciated in the small-town business world, especially at The First Bank of Abbeville, a place of warm people, trusted service, and guaranteed satisfaction.

Abbeville First Bank sits right outside of the famous square in Abbeville, South Carolina.

Abbeville First Bank sits right outside of the famous square in Abbeville, South Carolina.

The bank is fully community-based in every aspect, even the name of the bank, which the community voted upon. “We are 100% invested in Abbeville,” Andy Timmerman mentioned, “We give back to the community when we can.” Personal service is a strong point at Abbeville First Bank. Every call is answered by a real person on the other end of the phone, ready to meet the needs of customers, people who the workers usually know personally! “Everyone seems to know everybody,” said Andy when asked what his favorite part about working in the Abbeville community is. Just as the bank knows everyone, everyone knows Brad Evans, owner of Harris Funeral Homes. Andy Timmerman, the current president, moved to Abbeville from Columbia with his family when he decided to make the transition to a small-town bank.

Harris Funeral Home is established in a building that was originally built in 1904.

Harris Funeral Home is established in a building that was originally built in 1904.

Evans was born and raised in Abbeville, where he spent his high school summers washing cars at the Harris Funeral Home. Since then, Brad has come a long way in the funeral home business. But as he says, “I wouldn’t change a thing about how I’ve gotten to be where I am today.” Brad’s faith and lifestyle color his position at the funeral home. The very components of running the business depend on Christianity, integrity, and hard work. “We’re all about service,” Evans says, “We want to raise the bar in funeral home service.” Brad believes in hard work, persistence, and prayer as areas that must be covered in order for Harris Funeral Home to run successfully. This company is all about the people they serve. “I believe being involved with the community is vital,” Evans mused.

Part of Harris Funeral Home’s objectives in serving the Abbeville community is ensuring that they are doing everything they can to help make Abbeville the best place to live and the most comforting place to celebrate the life of loved one. As Brad said, “Abbeville is a great place.” The location is great for Harris Funeral Home and the community is even better. Another company that greatly contributes to the community is Stoll Fireplace Inc. in Abbeville, South Carolina.

People work hard at Stoll Fireplace, whether they are cutting metal or exacting measurements.

People work hard at Stoll Fireplace, whether they are cutting metal or exacting measurements.

This company is run by Gary Yoder, grandson of the founder of Stoll Fireplace. William Stoll began the company in 1969 after he created his own fireplace to put into his new home once he and his family moved to Abbeville from Virginia Beach, Virginia. After creating his first masterpiece, folks began requesting he make theirs, too, and Stoll Fireplace Inc. was born! This business benefits the community through many ways, one of which is by providing jobs for around sixty people in Abbeville County. Gary is proud of his employees, and he understands that Abbeville provides a “good work force.” The community and the atmosphere of Abbeville make Stoll Fireplace a great place to work, and also provides Gary and his team with everything they need. Whether it’s technology, improvements, or other things, Abbeville stays up to date, an essential aspect of any successful business. Gary loves running the business because he loves the creativity put into designing and making the fireplaces. “We stress customization,” said Gary. When asked to what he owes his success and the success of the company, Gary says “To God, first of all.” The company runs on honesty, the golden rule, friendship, and quality. As Mr. William Stoll once said, “Honesty is not a question, and to correct mistakes is an opportunity to show integrity.” They have over 1,000 dealers in the U.S. and Canada. Each dealer goes through training, Part of the reason Stoll Fireplace maintains so many friendships is that they have prayer time every morning at 8:30. This office-wide prayer time often involves praying for prayer requests from dealers all over the United States. This is something that is unique to Stoll Fireplace. Faith-based and faith driven, God provides the success for Stoll Fireplace Inc.

For the people in the Freshwater Coast, community is everything. Small businesses generally thrive because of the surrounding community, but in Abbeville County’s case, the community thrives because of the local businesses.

Calhoun Falls Chamber of Commerce Meeting

Sally Caldwell, Communications Coordinator

July 28, 2015

ABBEVILLE— The Freshwater Coast Community Foundation (FCCF) was privileged to meet with Calhoun Falls representatives recently during a meeting discussing different ways to implement more traffic, publicity, and news in Calhoun Falls.

Starting off the meeting, Will Ferreira gave everyone an overview of what the FCCF is accomplishing and what the long-term goals are.

One of the ways that the FCCF plans to increase entrepreneurship is through educational business workshops for the community. Will, along with Matt Wiggins and Andy Johnston, will be teaching these workshops in the upcoming months. These courses will be two hours long and will hopefully repeat in the spring.

Will Ferreira, Mindy Rogers, Faye Crocker, Lee Logan, Cody White, and David Porter among others listen as Johnnie Waller, Mayor of Calhoun Falls, leads discussion about Calhoun Falls and its business and tourism potential.

Will Ferreira, Mindy Rogers, Faye Crocker, Lee Logan, Cody White, and David Porter among others listen as Johnnie Waller, Mayor of Calhoun Falls, leads discussion about Calhoun Falls and its business and tourism potential.

The purpose of this meeting was to inspire new ideas and strategies to help the community and businesses of Calhoun Falls thrive. Discussion centered on a strategic economic development plan.

This plan included discussion on ideas such as refurbishing downtown, using the public library, a new historic attraction, gaming for entertainment, a walking/biking/hiking tour, a Frisbee golf course, road biking with a map, and a town painting/mural.

Recreational program promotion was the next topic of discussion. Calhoun Falls could implement a tour guide for marketing the freshwater coast, have a book written about the trails, or purchase an LED display sign that would easily advertise the activities going on in the town.

Immediate future plans for the FCCF and Calhoun Falls include two follow-up meetings, one of which will primarily discuss plans for the painting/mural.

Calhoun Falls is a place packed with opportunities, adventures, and community, and the Freshwater Coast Community Foundation looks forward to supporting and promoting this wonderful town.