Youth Education

Youth Education is important for the equipping of young people with the right employability skills as well as the entrepreneurial mindset. It exists to provide technical and vocational education and training, combining classroom education with workplace training, technical training with communication, problem solving and entrepreneurship awareness. Otherwise, young people will find it difficult to find a job, stay employed, move up in the workplace, and, more broadly, to succeed in lifelong learning. The goal is to give these young people appropriate opportunities to consolidate their basic knowledge and competencies, and to equip them with the relevant skills needed to find a job, set up a small business or engage in other productive work. We desire to provide the fertilizer needed to nurture future learners and skilled workers in today’s jungle of career and business opportunities.

There are innovative programs including the following:

  • Exploring Career Opportunities
  • Learning Cultural Intelligence and Leadership Skills
  • 4-H Programs for Agricultural Enterprises
  • FFA Programming
  • FBLA Programming
  • SC Young Entrepreneur Academy
  • Computer Programming Skills

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