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ABBEVILLE: Abbeville County Industry Education Week

Melissa Billey, Project Manager – melissa.a.billey@gmail.com

September 18, 2018

ABBEVILLE — A meeting was held at the WCTEL Corporate Office on Tuesday, September 4, 2018, to discuss the Abbeville County Industry Education Week. Wilder Ferreira, FCCF, led the meeting to gather information and set up the activities for this year’s event. Those in attendance were:  Melissa Billey, Dr. Charles Costner, Dr. Betty Jo Hall, Lori Lindler, Lee Logan, Renee Robinson, Jean Smith, Virginia Smith, Stephen Taylor, Jeff Wilson, and Wilder Ferreira.

Looking back at last year’s Industry Education Week, a discussion was held of what worked well and what could be improved upon.  Lori Lindler, Calhoun Falls Charter School, Vice Principal, commented that after they arrived back at their school last year, the ninth-grade students were so engaged that a conversation continued with questions and answers from what they had seen that day.  This shows that these students were not only interested in what they had seen, but it also captivated them enough that they wanted to continue the conversation. This is very positive for Abbeville County and these students.  They are not only able to see what careers are available here in Abbeville County, but also learn what it will take to make that transition from high school to the professional workforce here in their home area.  With the investment in their education by local businesses through scholarships and grants such as the Abbeville Promise, these students will have a significant advantage in this area for upcoming jobs.  These students, by receiving a tour of local businesses, get to see what products are made, what jobs are necessary at the businesses to make these finished products, and what they need to do as far as education to pursue these jobs.

The Abbeville County Industry Education Week will be held October 1-4, 2018. These students will tour WCTEL, Prysmian, SAGE, Flexible Technologies, and Stoll Industries.


Abbeville County Industry Education Week planning meeting held September 4, 2018.

McCormick County School District

Melissa Billey, Project Manager – melissa.a.billey@gmail.com

March 2, 2018

MCCORMICK — McCormick County School District Superintendent, Don D. Doggett, met with Renee Robinson, Regional Career Specialist-Western Piedmont Education Consortium; Matt Wiggins, Upper Savannah Regional Workforce Advisor-South Carolina Dept. of Commerce; and Wilder Ferreira, Clemson Extension, on February 27, 2018, at 1:30PM, to work on a plan to assist students in furthering their education in the Information Technology world. 

A plan was made for an Information Technology Leadership Academy to educate students on not only their technical skills in the Information Technology (IT) careers, but also assist them in their soft skills and communication skills.  This certificate program will allow students to join the IT workforce after high school, but more importantly it will open a door for these students to want to further their education after high school at a two-year or four-year institution. 

During the meeting, you could feel the excitement as talks progressed about what to include in the certificate program.  McCormick County School District has a desire to create programs to help make students more marketable, whether that student’s path is a career or college after high school.  To quote Mr. Doggett, “Whatever we need to do, I am all in.”  These individuals have a deep eagerness and enthusiasm for the students moving through high school.  They realize the strengths these students have, and what they can bring to the community after graduation with the right programs in place.  They want to help these students realize their potential and help them to attain these goals.


Don D. Doggett, McCormick County School District Superintendent; Renee Robinson, Regional Career Specialist- Western Piedmont Education Consortium; Matt Wiggins, Upper Savannah Regional Workforce Advisor-South Carolina Dept. of Commerce; and Wilder Ferreira, FCCF, discussing the plans for the Information Technology Leadership Academy.


Entrepreneurship Academy

Lindsay Costner, Marketing Coordinator

June 2, 2016

MCCORMICK — On May 26, 2016, the Freshwater Coast Community Foundation (FCCF) partnered with McCormick County in hosting an Entrepreneurship Academy. This class was taught by professionals that were brought in to help provide information on starting a business and how to keep their business thriving.

Wilder Ferreira opened up the meeting with an introduction of the speakers, Matt Wiggins from the Greenwood Area Small Business Development Center (SBDC) and David Mueller from Community Works.  Charlotte Tallent, Executive Director for the McCormick County Chamber of Commerce, encouraged the participants to keep an open mind upon starting the class, and discussed how entrepreneurship projects will “bring opportunities to the community.”

Each participant discussed why they attended the course, and the common interest was overall the same. Participants were looking for more information and wanted to further the potential of the community.

Ferreira began the course by teaching leadership skills, problem-solving and the definition of an entrepreneur. A short lesson on accounting was also presented.

Wiggins informed the participants on the basics of starting their own business, and how to keep it going with publicity and marketing. To go along with Wiggins, Mueller taught how to finance your business, and discussed opportunities that Community Works offers for these new small businesses.

After the entrepreneurship academy, Sabrina Searles a local of McCormick County, says that she “got a lot of information on how to get things started.” This course helped her gather some new ideas for what she might want to do for her future business.  She is excited about starting her own business, and helping her hometown of McCormick plus the surrounding areas.

Multiple individuals said that they received helpful information that can apply to not only their new business/current business, but to other parts of their life.

Altogether, the entrepreneurship academy was a big success for the participants, and provided a networking opportunity. With the help of the Freshwater Coast Community Foundation, we hope to see many great businesses be started in our local areas and a community that can grow and thrive together.

Matt Wiggins informs the participants of the Entrepreneurship Academy on why you should start your own business and being fearless when it comes to the business you want to begin.

Matt Wiggins informs the participants of the Entrepreneurship Academy on why you should start your own business and being fearless when it comes to the business you want to begin.