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McCormick: Earth Connection Outfitters

Melissa Billey, Project Manager – melissa.a.billey@gmail.com

May 29, 2018

MCCORMICK — If you are looking for kayaks or stand-up paddle boards (SUP) to purchase or rent, then Earth Connection Outfitters (ECO) may just be the place you are looking for.  Tucked away in McCormick, South Carolina is a family owned business, Earth Connection Outfitters.  The business is located at 4335 Hwy 378 West, McCormick, SC.  The business is housed in the Deason family homeplace that was built in 1913.  Earth Connection Outfitters has a wonderful variety of Jackson kayaks and stand-up paddle boards to accommodate the outdoorsman. 

 Stand-up paddle boarding is an awesome activity and workout; and with the popularity of stand-up paddle boarding gaining ground, this is an excellent place to visit for purchase or rental.  In addition to the stand-up paddle boards and kayaks, recently, Earth Connection Outfitters has started to stock camping supplies, metal detectors, Telic shoes, and Hercules sunglasses.  Delivery is available for the kayaks and stand-up paddle boards.  Although the store is generally open during business hours, it is best to call first to make sure the items are available and someone will be there to accommodate your interests.

Earth Connection Outfitters, housed in the Deason Family Homeplace, built in 1913, April 30, 2018.