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McCormick Chamber of Commerce Meeting

Sally Caldwell, Communications Coordinator

July 8, 2015

MCCORMICK—Teaming with the McCormick Chamber of Commerce, the Freshwater Coast Community Foundation (FCCF) held a meeting last week to discuss the future of McCormick’s local business world, including a couple of exciting events that are in the making.

During the meeting, Heather McNally, program director for the McCormick Arts Council at the Keturah (MACK), provided information regarding the Quilt Tour in McCormick. This information will be soon sent out to community in order to promote this fun and little-known display of art and history. The goal of this newsletter will be to feature local cultural assets regularly and unite the various initiatives in shared promotion efforts.

mccormick meeting

Heather McNally, Charlotte Tallent, Joe McNinch, and Will Ferreira discuss upcoming events in McCormick and the progress of the town’s economy and community.

The next item on the agenda was discussion about the “Small Business Night” events that will take place over the course of the year. Will Ferreira, the Community Coordinator for the FCCF, explained the vision for these business nights and what he wants to see accomplished through them. The first business night will feature three guest speakers who will enlighten the budding business owners about putting McCormick on the map, the naturalism of McCormick, and tourism. The goal will be to encourage locals who have ideas about starting up small businesses and to maybe eventually even start these businesses.

Charlotte Tallent, Executive Director for McCormick County Chamber of Commerce, mentioned the constant stream of people that visit the nearby Hickory Knob State Park and suggested that the rest of McCormick use this publicity to the town’s advantage.

Although McCormick has many small businesses and opportunities, the Chamber of Commerce and the FCCF look forward to more growth of the town and more awareness in people outside of the town.