Melissa Billey, Project Manager –

February 7, 2018

MCCORMICK — McCormick County Chamber of Commerce was proud to sponsor a business workshop “Essential Management Skills” on February 7, 2018 at 10:00am.  The event took place at the McCormick County Chamber of Commerce:  100 South Main Street, McCormick, SC 29835.  The workshop was led by Wilder Ferreira, Lecturer, Clemson University and covered topics about “How to manage business information for better business decisions.”

The “Essential Management Skills” workshop had a good turnout of nine people from the McCormick, South Carolina community.  During the workshop, Wilder spoke on topics such as:  Consumer Behavior Research, the Four Functions of Management, Managerial Skills, and the “toolkit” to help grow their businesses, to name a few.  “You can’t stop thinking of new things,” explained Wilder Ferreira as he presented the “toolkit” for business growth.  Wilder also explained, “How can we understand others if we don’t understand ourselves,” as he spoke about management skills and different management styles in relation to each individual’s type of personality.

As Wilder spoke on the different topics, he gave multiple examples of his key points in real life business issues and concerns while providing solutions to these issues.  There were several Question and Answer sessions during the workshop that provided attendees with tailored information for their specific small business.

After the workshop, Diane, one of the attendees, said, “I always take away something.”  Diane owns a small business in McCormick and continues to look for ways to improve and increase her business.  Anne Marie said, “The millennials are very helpful [to her business].”  As the younger generation graduates out of college and join the workforce, they provide an insight on new and updated information to help the small businesses.

The goal of these workshops is to help small business owners and potential small business owners increase their knowledge to help grow their business.  In doing that, the community grows and becomes stronger to support more growth. 

Complimentary coffee and snacks were provided.

The next Business Workshop in McCormick will be held on April 4, 2018 from 10am-12pm.  The topic for the workshop will be “Small Business Start-Ups:  Learn what it takes to turn a business idea from dream into reality.”  We look forward to seeing you at the next workshop.

Wilder Ferreira explaining the four functions of management at the Essential Management Skills Workshop held at the McCormick Chamber of Commerce, McCormick, South Carolina.