McCormick: Teresa Kemp: Full of Life, Full of Knowledge and Information

Melissa Billey, Project Manager –

August 6, 2018

MCCORMICK — Today I met the most amazing woman.  She is so full of life, but more importantly, she is full of knowledge and information.  Teresa Kemp, the owner of SC Wild’s Heritage Center of Plantation Quilts Adventure Museum, gave me a tour of her museum in McCormick, South Carolina.  If you are ever in McCormick, South Carolina, you must stop for a tour; actually, you should make this a destination to visit.

The museum is housed in the Historic McCormick Train Depot at 201 South Main Street, McCormick, South Carolina 29835.  The tour begins with an explanation of the area’s heritage.  It concludes with information on the area’s gems and mining tradition.  I will not spoil the tour by giving you the detailed information, just know that when you leave there, you really want to take the tour again because it is so historically rich.  Another benefit to Ms. Kemp’s tour of the museum is that it is hands-on.  Not only do you get to see the textiles and different pieces that have a home there, but you are allowed to feel the items.  This gives you the visual of the many elements that make up the museum, but by being hands-on, you get to engrave that into your memory.  This is a win-win for all school aged children.  Ms. Kemp gives tours to adults and families, and she is also very happy to have classrooms come through her museum to learn and become engaged in history.

The museum offers self-guided tours and guided tours.  There is free parking onsite, and the facility is handicapped accessible.  You can visit her website at

Teresa Kemp, SC Wild’s Heritage Center of Plantation Quilts Adventure Museum, giving a tour on July 19, 2018.